I’m back (and stuff)

Though I’m honestly not sure if I should be…

First of all, sorry for the hiatus (Understatement of the year. Well, two years ^_^;;). Stuff happened – I had a lot going on in school and my personal life and, well, in short I lost confidence in myself and ran away from the internet like a little bitch. The guilt tore me up – I hate leaving things unfinished, but… I won’t go into too much detail. It’s a long, pathetic story, and there are enough people angsting on the internet already. Nobody needs to hear my issues~  All that matters now is that I have friends (andaboyfriendcough), and regular internet access *knock on wood* What more could anyone possibly ask for?

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A Song of Scattered Love~My Lovable Golden Witch~ Ushiromiya Kinzo and Ronoue Genji Image Song

Whoops, forgot to post this when I translated it.

Original Title: 愛の散歌~我が愛すべきは黄金の魔女~ (ai no chiru uta ~ waga aisubeki wa ougon no majo ~)
Singers: sunny [Kinzo], 中澤まさとも (Nakazawa Masatomo) [Genji], 本木咲黒 (Motoki Zakuro) [Beatrice]
Album: 六軒島夜会 (Rokkenjima Yakai) {Rokkenjima Evening Party}
Track #9
Composer: xaki
Lyricist: sunny
Circle: 猫招き歌劇団 (Nekomaneki Kagekidan) {Cat Beckoning Opera Company}


I wanna see you, wanna see you, wanna see you, wanna see you, wanna see you, wanna see you right now! I wanna see youu!
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Battlerfield ~ The Four Forms of Battler (EP2-8 Spoilers)

Sorry – I wanted this up by the 15th, but Sony Vegas decided to hate me. DX

Note: As the title suggests, this song is broken into four parts, and the spoilers get increasingly worse and worse as the song progresses. I’ll try to warn you, but if you haven’t read the ENTIRE VISUAL NOVEL, ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE VERY END OF EP8, BE WARY. Or at least cut out immediately when I tell you to, dammit. It will ruin things for you. Scroll carefully…