I’m back (and stuff)

Though I’m honestly not sure if I should be…

First of all, sorry for the hiatus (Understatement of the year. Well, two years ^_^;;). Stuff happened – I had a lot going on in school and my personal life and, well, in short I lost confidence in myself and ran away from the internet like a little bitch. The guilt tore me up – I hate leaving things unfinished, but… I won’t go into too much detail. It’s a long, pathetic story, and there are enough people angsting on the internet already. Nobody needs to hear my issues~  All that matters now is that I have friends (andaboyfriendcough), and regular internet access *knock on wood* What more could anyone possibly ask for?

Now for the important stuff (in order of which people probably care):

NfN – I had already translated what I THOUGHT were the last few videos in the series… but it seems Maki’s still making them (maybe? I just checked his blog and twitter and both of them seem to be down, but that might just me me…). Good for him~ Bad for me (how long’s this thing gonna be? Is he trying to break some sort of record?! Well, I’m not complaining~) I’ve got a bit of catch up to do, but I’ve got the next 4 done (and two of them hardsubbed! Gasp!). I’ve also got some all-around cleanup/changes to do with the srt/softsubs already uploaded (because I’m an idiot prone to stupid mistakes), so if they change, that’s why. I’ll try to make them more consistent so that you can see the cross-references between them better. Eventually I plan on marking the references with annotations.

Umineko – Umm. Well, I just finished Swee-Swee☆Sweets (most of it… that shouting at the end has me stumped O_o) I tried doing the other songs on the Revelations CD, but… they’re really hard. Even by seacat song standard ;_; I’ll keep trying, and if I find any others, I’ll do those as well. …I should really delete some of the older translations, they suck. But I guess I keep them to keep my ego in check…

Rose Guns – Admittedly, I still haven’t finished reading season 2. but I tried my hand at the Season 3 opening. I’m having some trouble with a few of the lines, though… (yes I have the kanji this time ^_^;)

In the end, I plan on posting all the lyrics/translations here. I’ll probably get into uploading some Touhou stuff as well (because I’m a also a Touhou fan now. Shoot me. I’ll dodge it XP)

Also, youtube has really been overhauled since I left, hasn’t it? I can’t find anything anymore O_o welp I got another strike – for an old AMV I made. I don’t even make AMVs anymore…but it was a pretty popular one. Ah well, I’ll leave it to Youtube magic to bring it back. It’s not worth reuploading just to get another strike and have to go through some lame copyright school again. Good news, it seems the one that I already had is gone? (they time out after a year now?) So I don’t have to plan on creating a new channel ^_^


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