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I call myself ShugoShadow or Shiny_skydragon around these internets. Mainly I spend my time lurking about, watching some anime/Youtube videos, perhaps even posting a video or two on my Youtube account.

Well, about October of 2011 I ran across a character song that nobody had translated. It got stuck in my head and, since nobody else had done anything about it, I decided to take matters into my own hands (That tends to be my philosophy.). A couple of weeks of hell later, and I had a nice little video of what I could find. Surprisingly, I was not met with a fiery inferno of hate at what a terrible job I did – I must have done something right – and, despite the headaches and crossed-eyes I got putting it together (at that time I didn’t have easy access to the internet, so I mainly had to use offline dictionaries and such…), it was FUN. And thus the madness began.

I have never taken any sort of Japanese class – I’ve gone through part of Rosetta Stone and the first few lessons with Pimsleur if that amounts to anything – but I’d say that I have a (reasonable?) grip on the grammar/syntax, and I can read hiragana and katakana and recognize some kanji immediately. My vocabulary, however, is terrible, and never ask me to translate anything from English to Japanese. Seriously. I tried writing a paragraph in Japanese. It took me about THREE HOURS (though it was late at night…). And I never even sent it. So that’s why I think it appropriate to call these posts “non-translations.” Because, after all, I am not a translator.

You will probably notice pretty quickly that all of my songs are doujin, and most of them from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. That’s just how I roll ^_^ Honestly, that’s the sort of stuff that doesn’t get translated, and I’ve been a psycho When They Cry fan for the past four years or so. But I do other things – I translated a DystopiaGround song (also doujin…) I’ve also made up many fan lyrics that I may never get around to singing because my voice is this weird-hoarse-androgynous thing (I can keep pitch, though!) that, in general, doesn’t fit any form of music known to man.

Well, I guess I should lay down some conditions – I’m pretty lenient, though, just common sense, really:

  1. You’re welcome to use any non-translation on this blog for whatever you wish – just give me credit in some form and acknowledge the fact that it may not be perfect.
  2. I will not provide downloads to any album on this site, nor links to them, so don’t ask, please. This is mainly for legal reasons. Use Google. Please don’t sue me.
  3. Um, I guess I take requests? Keep in mind that depending on my mood/schedule it might take me forever to actually fill it, but if I take you up on one, I will not let you down. Well, I may let you down. But I will definitely work as hard as I can, ‘kay? And if I can’t find the kanji,  I pretty much can’t do it (unless I just really like the song. Even then, it’s going to be stabbing in the dark.). So it would be really nice if you could find that for me.
  4. Please, if you have any suggestions/corrections, let me know! I would like these non-translations to be as close to translations as possible. As I keep saying, be merciless, but not cruel. That means yes, point out every little thing that is wrong (I do have the right to defend myself, though), but try not to be a b**** about it, okay? I haven’t had any issues with that yet, but I know the power of the internet can be used for good and for evil. Trolls, begone! *throws beans*

Oh, and before this gets too ridiculously long, I think I’ll mention a few of my sources. For reference.

  • Google is my friend. He can be your friend too. XD Okay, seriously, it’s the easiest way for me to find out the romanized names of singers. Google Translate? Not so much, though I do use it some to help me figure out things that absolutely baffle me (though it often does me more harm than good) and as a compare/contrast to Tangorin. I also use it when skimming Japanese websites occasionally (with some hilarious results) but generally go without it on niconico and pixiv.
  • Tangorin.com is just awesome. I’m surprised more people don’t know about it. It’s an online dictionary for about anything, and the more I use it the more I like it. You can type in part of a word and it will find the rest, or only one kanji and it will find all the compounds involving that kanji. It even searches expressions, figures of speech, grammatical parts, and slang. It doesn’t translate phrases, but I don’t need that (no computer can do that well, anyway). …okay, I’m done waxing poetic…
  • I’ve used excite a bit, and goo dictionary is useful for finding more tricky stuff like what the hell a Dogura Magura was (it’s a mystery novel. Go figure.).

I think I’m good for now – I’ll add more as I see fit – may even split this page up into several pages.


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